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Dear Customers!

Scheduled maintenance will be provided on our website from 4 August 2017 till 7th August 2017.

During this time our website may be unavailable!
Sorry for inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

Faithfully Yours,
Team Zobocoin

We continue to make available more promotional materials that help our partners save their time and effort when growing their affiliate networks. Today, we have added an official video of the project.

According to statistics, about 80% of people living on the planet prefer the visual learning style. Among men, who are the majority of our users, this figure is even higher. Subsequently, the official video of the ZoboCoin project has every chance to become one of the most effective promotional tools for you. A team of highly qualified specialists - scriptwriters, cameramen, editors, etc., participated in its creation. All the projects advantages and selling points are presented clearly and fully.

We thank all long-standing members and new registrants and together with all participants and partners continue toward new ambitious goals

Team ZoboCoin

Making money and withdrawing your earnings from the ZoboCoin system gets ever easier and more convenient! Starting today, the ZoboCoin project users can take advantage of the Virtual and Physical Debit Card payment system, which started gaining popularity in 2016. Thanks to the system our participants and partners will be able to withdraw their money to various ATMs and pay online fast and easy.

As a Zobocoin user, you will also be able to get an Physical plastic card, as per the terms stated. This payment system operates across more than 200 countries, and using an Debit card will let you withdraw cash from any ATM that accepts MasterCard or Visa.

The system features multicurrency wallets. The available currencies are Euros, US dollars, Russian rubles, British pounds, and Ukrainian hryvnias. Exchanging currencies within the system incurs minimal commission fees, which is another indisputable advantage.

Team Zobocoin

Dear friends!

We have successfully upgraded our servers. We know you were experiencing sluggish website due to heavy traffic. This has now been resolved.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

We wish you a very happy new year ahead.

Faithfully Yours,
Team ZoboCoin

Dear friends!

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on our website from 26 December 2015 till 27 December 2015. During this time, there might be some difficulties with access to the site.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Faithfully Yours,
Team ZoboCoin

Merry Christmas to You, dear Customers!

Let this beautiful holiday, a warm family home and loving hearts of your loved ones warms you and gives you happiness, joy and harmony!

Also we would be using this holiday time for our regular maintenance.

Merry Christmas!

Team ZoboCoin

Contrary to popular belief, in terms of the number of native speakers, it is not English but Spanish that follows the all-time winner Chinese. Spanish is not just the language spoken in one European country, but the mother tongue in most countries in Latin America. Also, Spanish has a good claim to becoming the absolute No.1 in the near future. Unlike the currently dominant Chinese, Spanish is very easier to learn. This becomes an important factor contributing to the rate of its spread.

Accordingly, adding Spanish to the Zobocoin website was only a matter of time. Now the projects team and participants can celebrate the fact that yet another important condition for the development of our international investment project has been met: joining BnCoin has just become so much easier for Spanish-speaking users from all over the world. The first investments from Latin America - as well as from other regions where Spanish is widely spoken - have already started to pour in. We are growing!

Team Zobocoin

Dear Friends!

We faced a technical problem and our site was not accessible for some time today. Technical glitches have been repaired and now its fully operational. Sorry for the inconvenience caused
Thanks for your patience!

Team ZoboCoin

Hi All,

All services function normally, help desk is ready to answer all users questions and help create and configure accounts, select investment plans, make issue deposits, and add e-wallets.

The first participants - our long-time friends and partners - have already registered on the website and are currently starting their first investment cycles. Our traders once again checked the system tools and are starting operation using investors funds.

Our information security experts report that no malicious activity has been detected. They are constantly monitoring the system for any suspicious signs and prepared to deflect hacker attacks at any moment, together with our admin team.

We can now celebrate the successful launch of the ZoboCoin project together with the first registered users as well as those who still hesitate! We wish a fair bit of good luck to everyone - and our traders, who have confirmed their expertise many times, will take care of the rest!

Thanks Again

Sincerely yours,
Team ZoboCoin


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