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    Our technically advanced website, coupled with state-of-the-art hardware and SSL encryption makes disclosure of personal information to third parties im possible and prevents unauthorized data access by hackers.

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    DDOS protected

    The Companys website is protected against DDoS attacks and unauthorized access by third parties by deploying highly robust servers that incorporate latest cyber security systems.

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    Anti Spam

    Our company doesnt accept forced methods dissemination of information. Zobocoin doesnt use spam methods under no circum stances and recommends to the clients to adhere to similar approach to spam.

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    Insurance Insured investments

    Investment insurance is the cornerstone of our business. Zobocoin collaborates with major global insurance companies by distributing insured liabilities and restructuring insurance premiums based on risk decentralization principles. This approach secures the highest level of reliability and security of customers investments.

Zobocoin – we hold great value over our customers.


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